lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

En memoria de Constantino Romero

Yo he vivido cosas que vosotros no creeríais. Doblaje de películas a lo largo de toda mi vida: James Bond, Harry el sucio, Darth Vader, Terminator... Colchones Lo Mónaco surgir de la nada gracias a mi voz. He visto concursantes brillar en el Tiempo es oro antes de la época de internet. Todos esos momentos permanecerán en el tiempo en el subconsciente colectivo grabados a fuego. Siempre igual, siempre fiel. Sayonara, baby.

jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Transporte urbano del futuro

Made in China.

The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral

Dead land's collided.
You pour your life down the rifle's spiral
And show us you've earned it.
Cleric's fog will recede right before your eyes.

So long to this wretched form.
Down gray eyes on the subway.
Long before you were born
You were always to be a dagger floating
Straight to their heart.

Listen, now, we won't tell anyone.
But you're gonna tell the world.
So life ain't then any fun.
May this rail unfurl.

As you rise; rise from your burning fiat,
Go, go get my suitcase, would you?
You've thoroughly blown their mind.
And now I must have passage on the lines
To the veins from your heart.

You're not invisible, now.
You just don't exist.
Your mother must be so proud.
You sublimate yourself, drowning us of rich.

Primitive mirror on the wall,
to fortify your grim resolve.
And made the glitz of a shopping mall
another grain of indigent salt to the sea.

Go back to this wretched form
All them gray eyes on the subway
So long before you were born
you were always to be a dagger floating
straight to their heart.